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I can not believe my littlest babe is 3! It has been such a joy watching this gentle little boy grow. We are so proud of all the things he is doing now. Just this past week he started writing his name, using the toilet pretty much all the time, and climbing out of his crib just to check on us!

We love you to the moon and back, Max.


We had a really simple Thomas the Train themed party out at my mom’s petting farm. It was truly magical.

Max is 3! meet the teacher 031
My mom made him this adorable Thomas out of a cardboard box. Max is 3! meet the teacher 038
Max is 3! meet the teacher 041
Max is 3! meet the teacher 042

Trying to unfreeze the animal that were accidentally sent to Antarctica instead of the farm!Max is 3! meet the teacher 049
Max is 3! meet the teacher 056
Max is 3! meet the teacher 063

He loved throwing the bricks back into Diesel after he had a derail!  We also played an animal eye spy game. Max is 3! meet the teacher 069
Max is 3! meet the teacher 072
He got sad when he realized the wind was too strong for his candles to stay lit!Max is 3! meet the teacher 073
He was thrilled with his gifts from family.  For presents from friends, we did a used book exchange again.  I love doing this at parties!  Then everyone leaves with a “new” book instead of a bunch of tiny throw a way things and Max is not overwhelmed with a bunch of gifts. Max is 3! meet the teacher 082
Max is 3! meet the teacher 085

On his birthday morning he awoke to biscuits and gravy, eggs and hash browns.  He also got the 3 year old shirt shown above that I made him. Max is 3! meet the teacher 091

Playing a new game he was gifted. first week of school 002


For his dinner he chose pizza and root beer( a rare treat!!) first week of school 008As he always tells me when I tell him I love him, “I love you more!!”  May this be a wonderful year filled with many adventures.



Our youngest babe celebrated his second birthday on the first.  What a lovely celebration it was.  The morning started out with cuddles from everyone in our bed and singing of Happy Birthday.
Then it was off to the kitchen for breakfast and a look at what birthday goodies were set out on the table. 

Then we celebrated with a few of Max’s friends.  He loves trains so naturally we had a train party!  We set the train table up in the living room.  It was such a peaceful party.

This goofy boy was giddy by all the Thomas shirts he received from family, 5 I think!  For presents from friends we had a used book exchange.  This is always such a nice way to end a party and an easy replacement to all the normal goody bag stuff.

He kept dancing when trying on his new shirts!

We ended the night with a quick trip to get frozen yogurt.

Oh how we love this silly, train loving boy of ours!  You are such a delightful character.  May you have a wonderful year Max!

One or two photos, just a few words. Enjoy!

Sweet little cuddle bug!

Each day as the children arrive at my at home preschool, I have work set out for them to explore on our little table.  This work ranges from pushing toothpicks into the holes of a salt shaker to squeezing clothes pins on and off a ribbon.
Max always goes straight to this table and works for many minutes on the activities.

I just love watching him work and figure things out.  He is turning into a little boy so quickly.

This reminds me of the art materials I use to set out for Ethan and Madeline to explore before Max was born.  Children really do love to “work” and the do not even know that’s what it is!!

Monday Ritual: one or two photos, just a few words. Enjoy!

This babe of mine has a new love for trains.  This new love has helped to bond the siblings even more, as they are always wanting to play trains together.  (By the way, the train table was my awesome $15.00 garage sale find!)

These two have been on a lot of bug hunts lately!  I love this photo of them searching together.

Monday ritual: one or two photos, just a few words. Enjoy!

We have discovered this babe likes the mud and all things messy!  He cried when it was time to go inside!

Monday Ritual: One or two photos, just a few words. Enjoy!

This baby loves to paint!  Looks like we have another artistic soul in the family.

Monday photo:  One or two pictures, just a few words, enjoy!

Oh, how terrible I felt trying to snap this photo.  What a cruel tradition!  I assure you he was fine and even laughing when it was all over!

One.  This first birthday has happened twice before in our family.  It is such a big milestone, an accomplishment.  It is just with this babe I can not get over how quickly this year has flown by.  Saying one, is still so odd.  So sad(because I know all too well how fast these years go.)

One does suit Max though.  He is suddenly standing on his own and even climbing up furniture.  Oh, how we love this sweet little guy.

Birthday pictures of Max’s wonderful birthday celebration.  He was surrounded by family and shown so much love!

Just a few days old.

Getting ready for his party.

He did not care too much for his crown.

We had breakfast for dinner.  I saw this idea for pancakes somewhere on-line.

This was his first time for pancakes and syrup.  He loved it!  And practically shoved his mouth full.

Max loved his cake as well.  We made a vegan chocolate cake.  He kept saying, “mmm.”

We had five generations present.

He really enjoyed opening his gifts.  He kept saying, “ooo” and acted so surprised as he opened each gift.

Happy first Birthday Max.  I hope you have a wonderful year full of warmth and love.  May you continue to be gentle, kind and oh so sweet!

Monday ritual: one or two photos, just a few words, enjoy!

Oh, what a sweet little one year old we now have.  He had a wonderful family party.  More pictures later.