One.  This first birthday has happened twice before in our family.  It is such a big milestone, an accomplishment.  It is just with this babe I can not get over how quickly this year has flown by.  Saying one, is still so odd.  So sad(because I know all too well how fast these years go.)

One does suit Max though.  He is suddenly standing on his own and even climbing up furniture.  Oh, how we love this sweet little guy.

Birthday pictures of Max’s wonderful birthday celebration.  He was surrounded by family and shown so much love!

Just a few days old.

Getting ready for his party.

He did not care too much for his crown.

We had breakfast for dinner.  I saw this idea for pancakes somewhere on-line.

This was his first time for pancakes and syrup.  He loved it!  And practically shoved his mouth full.

Max loved his cake as well.  We made a vegan chocolate cake.  He kept saying, “mmm.”

We had five generations present.

He really enjoyed opening his gifts.  He kept saying, “ooo” and acted so surprised as he opened each gift.

Happy first Birthday Max.  I hope you have a wonderful year full of warmth and love.  May you continue to be gentle, kind and oh so sweet!