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The children decided to hang art up at our local art museum’s annual artist hanging. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to show off their art skills. I was surprised when Ethan chose to make a still life picture instead of a battle scene or monsters or such. We looked up several styles and then he set to work. I quite like the final result.

max's haircut 068


Whew!  We have been super busy getting our new preschool and children’s studio remodeled and ready for show.  I am so excited that it is now finished on the inside, we are just lacking in the play yard area.  That will be ready soon.  I plan to get back to this space soon.

Ethan celebrated his ninth birthday on the 14th!  What a sweet boy he is, so kind and good with the littles.  He had a glow in the dark party with his friends that ended with a sleepover.  The kids played with glow sticks in the yard for hours.  We had different games to play and they invented some on their own.

My parents bought him a pogo stick that has been such a great gift.  He jumps daily and has went from not being able to jump even one jump to 986 jumps!  He hopes to break the world record!

Oh, I love this boy!

Monday Ritual: one or two photos, just a few words. Enjoy!

This babe of mine has a new love for trains.  This new love has helped to bond the siblings even more, as they are always wanting to play trains together.  (By the way, the train table was my awesome $15.00 garage sale find!)

These two have been on a lot of bug hunts lately!  I love this photo of them searching together.

During our visit to Taos, I bought the kids a friendship bracelet.  Ethan thought they were the coolest thing and I told him I could show him how to make some.  He was amazed that I knew how to do such a thing!

Learning how to braid.  He picked this up really quickly and was pleased with his results.

Madeline even enjoyed twisting string to make a bracelet.  This made for a relaxing afternoon.

Happy eighth birthday Ethan!  This number did not hit me as hard as the earlier years do.  I guess I am use to my first-born growing up each year!
As it seems to be the case with past birthdays, we have had many celebrations around here.  A family party, a simple dinner party with family friends, his real birthday celebration and a fun kid party.

Ethan requested omelets and homemade muffins for breakfast.

He also asked that I make him a pair of jammie pants.  How could I say no!  These proved to be very simple to make.

Super unhealthy lunch planned by Madeline.  This was a last-minute surprise, look at his face!  My mom helped pull this off.

Then we were off to play with friends at Chuck E Cheese.

For dinner he picked a local pizza place that sells above average pizzas.  Max was not in the best mood.  After ordering, we decided to take our dinner home.  This was a fantastic end to a great birthday.  We put on candles, blasted Ethan’s new favorite musician, Tom Petty and enjoyed a stress free dinner.

We love you sweet Ethan.  May 8 be the best year  yet!

We recently read Ramona Quimby,  Age 8 as a family.  Oh, that Ramona is so funny.  She reminds us all of our own little Madeline! 
In this story, Ramona has to make up a commercial about a book she read for her class.  Making up our own commercials seemed like a natural activity to try with the kids once we finished the book.  This activity was a big hit with all of us!

Ethan really got into this and even made up songs to go with his commercials.

This is a good activity to help children retain what they have just read.  It also allows them to be creative in other ways than pen and paper.

“Ramona’s books are the best!  You should read them to your sweet pest, only $9.99!!!”