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Hello all, I hope you are finding enjoyment in whatever you may be doing.
We hosted a children’s art show here last week.  The children thought it would be a great idea to paint the trees for the show.  Great idea indeed!  They spent quite a long time out there and the trees still look beautiful.

Madeline was beaming with pride all night.  She took the time to make sure we saw each one of her works, several times.

We discovered last summer that slightly frozen watermelon makes for a yummy treat.  We are already serving them up around here!
Just do not leave them in the freezer overnight or you will end up will watermelon solid as a rock!


John and a friend just finished a 12 hour bike race.  We were able to tag along for the ride!  Overall the trip was ok.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves at the race and the kids and I ventured 45 minutes away to the nearest town to explore.  By the end of it though, the kids were so tired and it made the ride home seem like an eternity!

Max is turning into such a big boy.

We were able to see John every hour and 10 minutes, as he and his partner traded off.  It was so exciting waiting for him.  The race had a children area with kites, coloring, and other activities to keep the kiddos entertained.  That really helped.

We stayed until lunch time and then ventured off.

It was so funny watching Madeline learn to drive the go-cart.  We could not stop laughing!

Max felt left out, so I paid to let him “mine” for gems.  He really enjoyed this activity.  The bag of sand and gems was so big that everyone got a turn.

Then we were off to swim before we headed back to pick up John.  We ended up finding a cool little rock and roll diner to eat at before it was back to the pool before bedtime.

I woke up feeling anything but refreshed on Mother’s Day.  Max awoke several times during the night and the two older kids were up and awake by 6:15 fighting over all sorts of things!  This quick trip to the park felt refreshing and help everyone calm down and enjoy the moment.

Soon after, we decided  to take another go at the go-cart place.  Things were going well until Madeline busted both lips open really bad.  Luckily nothing major happened.  We then proceeded to drive home in which everyone was tired and I earned a speeding ticket in a small town( darn it!)

We are already hoping to go again next year.  If we do, I think we will just stick to the race location and enjoy the fresh air!

Each day as the children arrive at my at home preschool, I have work set out for them to explore on our little table.  This work ranges from pushing toothpicks into the holes of a salt shaker to squeezing clothes pins on and off a ribbon.
Max always goes straight to this table and works for many minutes on the activities.

I just love watching him work and figure things out.  He is turning into a little boy so quickly.

This reminds me of the art materials I use to set out for Ethan and Madeline to explore before Max was born.  Children really do love to “work” and the do not even know that’s what it is!!