Here is a collection of the art we have been making this holiday season.

schoolart 033
handprint snowmen “snow globe”
schoolart 037
Penguin handprints
schoolart 016
Polar bear art
schoolart 038

schoolart 041
Watercolor wash surrounding a Christmas tree(oil pastels) on canvas
schoolart 046
Gingerbread ornaments
Taos and dance recital 084
Handprint Christmas tree
schoolart 015
And a painting of a tree.  I added three points and the children connected the dots to form a triangle.
schoolart 004Happy art making!
If you are wondering if I gained a few new children all of a sudden, the answer is no!  Some of this art was done at our preschool!


Last weekend we took a very last minute trip with our friends to Taos.  It was just perfect.  There was a little bit of snow on the ground, the weather was cool and we basically had the whole town to ourselves as the busy ski weekend started yesterday. We decided to stay at the Abominable Snowmansion to save money.  It had its perks, had a homey feel, but having to stay quiet until 9am was a bit of a challenge.  Overall, I don’t think we will be back there.  The people were very friendly though and Taos Cow is just two stores down(perk!)

The biggest enjoyment was hiking up a mountain and the town bonfire with marshmallow roasting stations. The children made lanterns at Twirl that morning for the nighttime festivities.   Also, Santa was in a very quaint little bookstore, Moby Dickens.  How dreamy.
The children seriously behaved wonderful the entire weekend and everyone enjoyed themselves.

img097 Taos and dance recital 017 Taos and dance recital 038 Taos and dance recital 039 Taos and dance recital 040 Taos and dance recital 042 Taos and dance recital 044 Taos and dance recital 051 Taos and dance recital 053 Taos and dance recital 059 Taos and dance recital 068 Taos and dance recital 069
Taos and dance recital 075 Taos and dance recital 080  Taos and dance recital 062

Madeline recently turned six.  Her day was just perfect.  We started with breakfast and opening a few things in the morning, followed by a simple get together at a local bagel and treat shop.  Yesterday we had a few friends join us at a gymnastic place and we jumped the day a way. sadly, I did not have my camera for that…

maddie is 6 236

maddie is 6 240 maddie is 6 258 maddie is 6 260 maddie is 6 265 maddie is 6 277 maddie is 6 281 maddie is 6 282 maddie is 6 286 maddie is 6 287 maddie is 6 292

Fall would not be complete without a visit to our local pumpkin farm.  Overall we had a great time.  I always enjoy looking over all the different shaped pumpkins  and deciding upon which one to take home.

schoolpics 121

schoolpics 129
She was really happy for the chance to go on a hay ride!schoolpics 141

schoolpics 163

Super simple, yet very cute spider art.  Just paint a paper plate black, add wiggle eyes and eight legs, then hang from the ceiling! Spiderweek 021

Spiderweek 022

First field trip.  They walked to a nearby pumpkin lot and learned all about the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds.  Spiderweek 028

Spiderweek 051Happy Fall!

Last week as I tried to think of something different to do as a family, I decided upon a family drawing night.  I gathered up different items and placed them,  along with art supplies around the table.  I then called my family in to join me and there we spent an hour making art.  It was calm and refreshing.

schoolpics 018

I can not believe my littlest babe is 3! It has been such a joy watching this gentle little boy grow. We are so proud of all the things he is doing now. Just this past week he started writing his name, using the toilet pretty much all the time, and climbing out of his crib just to check on us!

We love you to the moon and back, Max.


We had a really simple Thomas the Train themed party out at my mom’s petting farm. It was truly magical.

Max is 3! meet the teacher 031
My mom made him this adorable Thomas out of a cardboard box. Max is 3! meet the teacher 038
Max is 3! meet the teacher 041
Max is 3! meet the teacher 042

Trying to unfreeze the animal that were accidentally sent to Antarctica instead of the farm!Max is 3! meet the teacher 049
Max is 3! meet the teacher 056
Max is 3! meet the teacher 063

He loved throwing the bricks back into Diesel after he had a derail!  We also played an animal eye spy game. Max is 3! meet the teacher 069
Max is 3! meet the teacher 072
He got sad when he realized the wind was too strong for his candles to stay lit!Max is 3! meet the teacher 073
He was thrilled with his gifts from family.  For presents from friends, we did a used book exchange again.  I love doing this at parties!  Then everyone leaves with a “new” book instead of a bunch of tiny throw a way things and Max is not overwhelmed with a bunch of gifts. Max is 3! meet the teacher 082
Max is 3! meet the teacher 085

On his birthday morning he awoke to biscuits and gravy, eggs and hash browns.  He also got the 3 year old shirt shown above that I made him. Max is 3! meet the teacher 091

Playing a new game he was gifted. first week of school 002


For his dinner he chose pizza and root beer( a rare treat!!) first week of school 008As he always tells me when I tell him I love him, “I love you more!!”  May this be a wonderful year filled with many adventures.


Well, that’s that.  My big kids are off to big school… They both decided they wanted to try out “real school”  instead of homeschooling, etc.  I am still on the fence, but so far they are loving it!  All I can ask for is that they are happy.  I am hoping(major fingers crossed) to open up our town’s first co-op school this time next year!  then I can get my babies back!


firstdayofschool 004

We love tie dye around here! We had a simple color party with some friends and our items turned out awesome! Dharma Trading company is where we buy our dye from, in case you wanted to know.

July_2013 263

July_2013 264

July_2013 266

July_2013 267

July_2013 270

July_2013 272

We love our daddy! Here is a quick idea you can make today even though the day is halfway over!

dday 002

random 016

random 017

Here are all the pictures from our Easter gatherings. What a magnificent day we celebrated!

We have been hanging out at our Grammy’s petting farm, gathering for an Easter party and we spent the morning at church. What a busy, but easy going weekend!

Easter 007This year instead of dying our eggs with natural dyes, Madeline thought to use watercolor paints.  We all enjoyed that much better!

Easter 047

Easter 048

Easter 050

Easter 076

pre easter 159

pre easter 168

pre easter 184

pre easter 190We arrived home yesterday to find new baskets with a few simple treats waiting on our doorstep courtesy of Max’s Godparents!

ski trip 228

ski trip 234

ski trip 205

ski trip 208

ski trip 218

ski trip 228

ski trip 246

pre easter 145

pre easter 127