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Here is a collection of the art we have been making this holiday season.

schoolart 033
handprint snowmen “snow globe”
schoolart 037
Penguin handprints
schoolart 016
Polar bear art
schoolart 038

schoolart 041
Watercolor wash surrounding a Christmas tree(oil pastels) on canvas
schoolart 046
Gingerbread ornaments
Taos and dance recital 084
Handprint Christmas tree
schoolart 015
And a painting of a tree.  I added three points and the children connected the dots to form a triangle.
schoolart 004Happy art making!
If you are wondering if I gained a few new children all of a sudden, the answer is no!  Some of this art was done at our preschool!


Fall would not be complete without a visit to our local pumpkin farm.  Overall we had a great time.  I always enjoy looking over all the different shaped pumpkins  and deciding upon which one to take home.

schoolpics 121

schoolpics 129
She was really happy for the chance to go on a hay ride!schoolpics 141

schoolpics 163

Super simple, yet very cute spider art.  Just paint a paper plate black, add wiggle eyes and eight legs, then hang from the ceiling! Spiderweek 021

Spiderweek 022

First field trip.  They walked to a nearby pumpkin lot and learned all about the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds.  Spiderweek 028

Spiderweek 051Happy Fall!

Last week as I tried to think of something different to do as a family, I decided upon a family drawing night.  I gathered up different items and placed them,  along with art supplies around the table.  I then called my family in to join me and there we spent an hour making art.  It was calm and refreshing.

schoolpics 018

We love our daddy! Here is a quick idea you can make today even though the day is halfway over!

dday 002

random 016

random 017

The children decided to hang art up at our local art museum’s annual artist hanging. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to show off their art skills. I was surprised when Ethan chose to make a still life picture instead of a battle scene or monsters or such. We looked up several styles and then he set to work. I quite like the final result.

max's haircut 068

Whew, time has once again gotten away from me!  We have been busy creating, learning and enjoying fall.

I recently ran my first half marathon!  I am proud to have finally pushed myself past the three mile rut.  Some spots were tough, but I finished without walking and I am ready to run another one!

The race was in Albuquerque, NM.  While there we took the kids to Tinker Town.  All of the children enjoyed the wooden figures.  Ethan was the most excited.  He kept saying “Wow!”  It brought us such joy to see him so genuinely happy!

We have enjoyed learning about fall and creating Halloween crafts.
We made a family of ghosts for our front door out of tissue paper.

We made pumpkin play dough.  We just added allspice and a drop of food coloring to our normal cream of tartar play dough recipe.

I set up a Halloween card making station.  Madeline created cards for her friends for over an hour!

We got our skeleton puzzle out and discussed what it would be like if we did not have bones.  This was Ethan’s work when he was little and it was neat to see Madeline trying to figure it out!

We have been hammering wooden pegs into pumpkins.

We made a beautiful leaf sun catcher for our window.  Idea courtesy of The Artful Parent blog.

We created “Spooky, kooky, junky pumpkins!”  The children had a blast making these.  Especially Ethan who even created a detailed story to go with his pumpkin.

Whew, and finally we went to our church’s trunk or treat last night.  John and I were nerds.  Max was to be a cute little baby nerd, but he kept saying, “No, Max bird.”  He would say, “Bird, flies.”  So I gathered items for him to become a “cardinal.”  I love that as he is beginning to talk a bit more he can express his creativity a bit more!  Madeline decided last minute that she wanted to be a candy fairy.  So we added a sucker and ribbon to a dowel rod.  Super simple!  Ethan is a ninja.

Hello all, I hope you are finding enjoyment in whatever you may be doing.
We hosted a children’s art show here last week.  The children thought it would be a great idea to paint the trees for the show.  Great idea indeed!  They spent quite a long time out there and the trees still look beautiful.

Madeline was beaming with pride all night.  She took the time to make sure we saw each one of her works, several times.

We discovered last summer that slightly frozen watermelon makes for a yummy treat.  We are already serving them up around here!
Just do not leave them in the freezer overnight or you will end up will watermelon solid as a rock!

I hope your day is filled with lots of goodness!
I just love this painting Ethan made yesterday.  I found this idea here.  I have been wanting to paint this for weeks now!  Without even realizing it, my version turned out so adult like and boring.  Each heart was the same and the “perfect” shape.  When I looked over at Ethan’s, I noticed how each heart was so different from the rest.  His turned out so refreashing.  I love how it looks hanging in our living room.

Ethan decided to make this awesome robot for his homeschool co-op’s Valentine’s party.  I think it turned out fantastic!

We enjoyed stamping with toilet paper tubes yesterday.  I have seen this done before, but over at Teach Preschool, they shared the idea to tape the tube so that the heart shape stays more prominent.

The finished product looks frame worthy!  Hope you are enjoying some crafty goodness!

I love reading on Soulemama’s blog about how she sews a pair of jammie pants for each member of her family to celebrate winter solstice.   I liked this idea and finally was able to achieve this goal.
I sewed each little one a pair of jammie pants and a matching pillow.  They were well received!

They really are such an easy thing to make, taking less then 30 minutes per pant.  Madeline’s are a bit too tight, oops.  Hers have cute little owls on them.

I saw this idea for an adorable polar bear and the kids set to work.

Ethan rarely deviates from an example, however, Madeline’s bear was a tie dye creation straight from the 60’s!

I also set out supplies for the children to create a santa.  Madeline decided to add big glasses.

I just love how thick the beard is!