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I love reading on Soulemama’s blog about how she sews a pair of jammie pants for each member of her family to celebrate winter solstice.   I liked this idea and finally was able to achieve this goal.
I sewed each little one a pair of jammie pants and a matching pillow.  They were well received!

They really are such an easy thing to make, taking less then 30 minutes per pant.  Madeline’s are a bit too tight, oops.  Hers have cute little owls on them.

I saw this idea for an adorable polar bear and the kids set to work.

Ethan rarely deviates from an example, however, Madeline’s bear was a tie dye creation straight from the 60’s!

I also set out supplies for the children to create a santa.  Madeline decided to add big glasses.

I just love how thick the beard is!


I saw the idea to make reusable sacks on Soulemama’s blog several years ago.  Ever since then I have been wanting to make them for our household.  I was able to get a good head start on these this weekend.  They are such a cinch to sew.
I find it so refreshing to be able to create things for my family, especially of the reusable type.

After they were finished, I simply sewed a ribbon on each sack for easy tying.  This would be a great beginners project.

I have also seen felt garlands on the web for a while.  Madeline and I created this one for our tree.  We were quite satisfied with our new beautiful decoration!

Happy crafting!