We recently took a ski trip to Taos with a few friends. We had an enjoyable first ski experience as a family. John and I have both been skiing and snowboarding before(over 12 years ago for myself) and we did not know how the kiddos would handle the demands of learning such a difficult sport. We enrolled them in an amazing ski school and we were amazed to hear they both made it through their first day wonderfully. Ethan was even learning to use the lifts by the end and on his second day he was skiing some pretty impressive spots on the mountain!! We were really shocked!

ski trip 040

ski trip 050

ski trip 058I chose to stay at the house during the second day with the littles and our friend.  We enjoyed taking nature walks, playing at Twirl(an amazing little toy store) and browsing the little shops.

ski trip 091

ski trip 093We love ending our trip at the river.  Nobody wanted to leave this little spot, but leave we had too.

ski trip 101

What a dreamy vacation we had.  Oh, how I long to go back to that quiet place again soon.  Very soon…