I feel like the children get to experience a lot of good things at school, so I have not really been doing too much at home… oops! Most days by the time we get home we just veg and eat dinner! But I am loving the simple moments of good play and quiet moments with books and art that are starting to find its way back into our days once we are home. Whew, what a whirlwind it has been getting the school going! I feel like we have finally found a new rhythm to go by.

We have been able to sneak some really simple yet thought provoking play into our days. REALLY simple! Things I use to do with my first babe and have totally forgotten about!

Ice Play:

Car Wash:
max's haircut 043

max's haircut 047

Playdough Party:

max's haircut 072

That’s it!  Super simple, yet really well received.  I love setting up simple activities for the kids to explore.