Whew!  We have been super busy getting our new preschool and children’s studio remodeled and ready for show.  I am so excited that it is now finished on the inside, we are just lacking in the play yard area.  That will be ready soon.  I plan to get back to this space soon.

Ethan celebrated his ninth birthday on the 14th!  What a sweet boy he is, so kind and good with the littles.  He had a glow in the dark party with his friends that ended with a sleepover.  The kids played with glow sticks in the yard for hours.  We had different games to play and they invented some on their own.

My parents bought him a pogo stick that has been such a great gift.  He jumps daily and has went from not being able to jump even one jump to 986 jumps!  He hopes to break the world record!

Oh, I love this boy!