The children came home a while back from a day hiking trip with new frogs.  We explained to them that next time they need to leave animals, etc. in their own habitat(they were not with us on this trip.)  Since we had the frogs we knew we had to provide them a new home other than the glass jar they were currently living in.  We decided to build a frog pond.
I had seen ideas for frog ponds around various blogs and decided to follow instructions from this site.

We set out to build the pond.

Releasing the frogs.

Looking for frogs!

We kept it watered, but our frogs took off pretty quickly!  They enjoyed this new space for about an hour and then we never saw them again.  We left for vacation and had family and friends refill the water several times.  When we returned, we were so excited to see hundreds of tadpoles! Only upon further investigation did we notice the “tadpoles”  were actually mosquitoes!  We emptied the pond out pretty quickly.
We may try this again some other time.  It was a great learning experience though and a great excuse to play in the mud!