We recently took a two week vacation to go see our Gramps who lives in Connecticut.  While in the area we stopped by New York City and Jersey for a few days of sightseeing.  We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Gramps.

We started with a quick trip to see the fireworks over the Hudson River.  The children enjoyed the show, even though we were pretty far away.

The next morning we went to Carlo’s Bakery where the now famous show Cake Boss is recorded.  We waited nearly two hours for our treats, they proved to be worth the wait though!

After our treats we made the two hour journey to see Gramps.  We were all happy to see one another again.  Max was quick to crawl up in Gramp’s lap for cuddles. 
One thing we love about Connecticut is the local dairy farm that makes fresh, homemade ice cream.  We went there several times!

We all enjoyed daily swimming in the hotel’s indoor and outdoor pools.  We quickly became use to an early morning dip.

Gramps bought us day passes to visit  Mystic Seaport.  This was such a fun little place to visit.  They had so many activities for the children to participate in.  We loved looking in the old shops and homes, learning about boats, riding a boat and playing in the children’s area.

Ethan learned how ships long ago would communicate by way of flags.  He enjoyed learning how to spell help and his name.

Max enjoyed playing the olden games and dressing up like a whaler’s son!

Madeline enjoyed catching “fish” at the children’s museum.

The children also enjoyed learning how people washed clothes before they had washing machines.

The children were even able to steer a real boat for a bit.

Like I said before, Max quickly took a liking to Gramps.  He followed him everywhere.  He even wanted to use a cane and wear one of his hats out and about!

After five days of visiting, we headed back to the big apple where our sightseeing truly began.  It had been several years since we have been to the city.  I wondered as we arrived if I would still love the city as I had before, or if I had changed over the years.  It is true the city has a magic to it.  People watching is so fascinating in a place that large.  But, I found I was longing for fresh air, the mountains and wildflowers.  The off and on of the subway cars quickly lost it appeal.
However, the children were all aglow.  They were so excited by all the city had to offer and that made for an enjoyable trip.

We visited the toy store, the Manhattan’s Children’s Museum, Central Park, Madison Square park for a kid’s concert, the Shake Shack, Times Square, the Empire State Building, took a ferry to and from Staten Island, ate lots of bagels, pizza and street vendor ice cream!  Whew, we did a lot in a few short days.  This trip was truly wonderful and the children did so well with walking and the long flight to and from.

We ended our trip with a quick day and a half visit with our Geeg.  What a way to end our trip, on a good note!