We are enjoying the warm weather in our part of the world.

We have been enjoying weekly picnics.  John and I had a 2-9-2 (I ran 2 miles, John rode 9 miles and I finished with a 2 mile run, all on a dirt trail)race last weekend that we trained for, for 6 weeks.  We would each take turns playing with the kiddos while the other one was out training.  We have enjoyed these past few weeks.  It was a chance to enjoy more nature and slow down a bit.

Madeline asked to drag out the kiddie pool.  The children enjoyed an afternoon splashing in the water and are looking forward to more of the same.

Oh my babe.  He did not enjoy the water last year, but jumped right in this time!

We also have been enjoying playing in goop.  Cornstarch mixed with a little water is such a fun mixture to play in.

I hope your days are enjoyable, wherever you may be.