My two older children are constantly asking to buy lunchables.  They have both had a few in their short lifetime.  However, I will not buy those things again.  After trying to clean up our eating habits, those things are really not food.  I can not even justify them as a once in a while treat.

So, I decide to make homemade lunchables.  This was something I had heard of before that seemed like a no brainer, but never really applied to us(we are vegetarian and even though the  children have ate meat while out for a while, we just recently started buying meat for them at home).

This is so simple, but I will share the kids favorite thing, the meat cut into fun shapes!  I buy their meat from the company Applegate and the cheese is not treated with artificial growth hormones or colored with dye, etc.
Serve with a little fruit and water and you are good to go!

I saw a recipe on the back of our popcorn bag for natural popcorn balls.  It was so simple and they turned out amazing.

I can not find the exact recipe now as we ate all the popcorn and threw the bag away!
I bought Arrowhead Mills organic popcorn, if that helps!

It was very simple and is basically like this: add 1/2 cup honey to a little bit of water and simmer/boil for about 10 minutes.  Stir continuously.  Add 1/2 a tbsp of butter, then pour over freshly popped popcorn and mix.  Let cool on wax paper then enjoy!