We have been enjoying all that spring has to offer.  Oh, how I love this time of year.  The time when the earth starts waking up from its long, cold slumber.

The children entered a 1k race last weekend.  I was very proud of them and their amazing running efforts!

I am happy that I am able to run again after a long two month recovery from a knee injury.  It feels good running again!  I entered the 5k race and did ok.

I took Madeline out for a girls day.  She wanted to get her nails done, something she did not learn from me!

She was very pleased with the results.

With the weather being so nice we headed to the zoo for a picnic with our friends.

I love this shot!  I love that I actually captured all three of my children without realizing it.

I am so excited for more days like the ones we have been having.  The whole mood has shifted over here, the warmer weather was just what we needed. We are out enjoying all that nature has to offer more than the last few months.  I am so ready for our long evening strolls and bike rides around our neighborhood.