Whew, it seems like all I have been doing lately it posting Monday Photos.  I am still working hard on trying to get my hopeful preschool going and we have not even begun to start!  It is crazy all the things the city requires a house to need to meet code.  Oh, well hopefully this will all been over soon and we can move forward.

I assure you we have been doing lots of great things around here!  We have been having lunch with our new friends quite a bit, making art, taking a few walks when it is not too cold, learning lots and so much more.

Here are just a few things we have been doing.

Madeline asked if we could sew the other day and with nothing going on that morning we set out to make bean bags.  She loved playing toss over and over.

I saw this idea somewhere on the web(sorry I do not remember where.)  I set this out one day for the kids to find before dinner.  They just looked at it for a while not quite sure what they were allowed to do.  They soon caught on that they could do anything.  From then on they were super busy creating all kinds of art.
They enjoyed this and I intend to have more open ended items set out for them to explore more often.

We painted with shaving cream mixed with glue to make a polar bear picture.  I traced their hands on white paper and turned them into polar bears!  When dry the shaving cream stays puffy and does not flake off.

I am so happy that the weather is warming up, more outdoor time!!!!