Oh, I have been a bit preoccupied with a project I am working on.  This has gone on for the past three weeks and will continue on for quite some time.  It is a good thing, I am opening up my own preschool and art studio!  I am currently doing so out of my house and it has been good for all of us.  However a wonderful opportunity to turn a historical home into an adorable little school has come along.  This has actually been my dream for years now(not the preschool part, but the art house part), so I am very excited.

It does seem crazy to do so while my babes are so young, yet I want them to grow up here not be grown when it opens.  I am trying and succeeding most days to enjoy this process and still have time to soak up all of my three little ones goodness!

After two full days of phone calls to anyone and every one at our city hall, I decided we needed to get out and play among the trails close by.

I love how they are all happy doing their own thing.

What a big hill!

Nature really does do a body good!  I will remember as these days get busier to get out  and enjoy our world and the chance to refresh.