Oh this magical season of Advent and Christmas is over.  We waited so patiently for you to came and now you are quickly saying goodbye. This season time really did seem to slow down, if only for a bit.  Our slow days were enjoyable and refreshing.  Our simple advent activities and lighting of the candles seemed to deepen our bonds as a family and prepared us for the upcoming day of festivities.
The children were just delighted to receive their gifts from one another.  We even ended the day with snow, plenty of it!

We all fell in love with our new nativity set from Mama Made.  Madeline took such joy in rearranging the pieces daily.  She was always so careful to place Jesus in the middle of it all.

Christmas Eve was spent with family, attending church and baking cookies along with Moosewood’s cauliflower cheese soup.  Yummy!

The children took such pride in preparing treats for Santa and his reindeer.  What magic childhood brings.  Madeline wanted to give Santa an apple so he could be healthy!

Sweet Max enjoyed the wonder that this season brought and squealed with delight as he opened his gifts.  He was slow to figure things out, but soon had everything down!

What a happy child.  Ethan has enjoyed his wooden swords he was given last year, so we decided to add a pirate’s dagger to his collection.  We bought them from Nova Natural Toys.  This is such a lovely company.

Madeline received a collection of homemade hats from my mother.  She just loves them!

As we move into the new year, I want to pause and remember all that this month and year brought us and meant to our family.  I am left with the feeling of wanting to linger just a tad bit longer in this season before it is gone.

I hope that your family was able to soak us some of the magical goodness as well.  I wish you a very happy new year.