Madeline turned four this past Friday.  Oh, what a joyous day she had!  She kept saying “This is my lucky day!”

I love preparing the birthday child’s spot at the table with special things for them to find when they awake.

Here she is on her way to find her surprises!

I love that she wanted to wear her crown all weekend.

She asked for Grammy to join her in cake decorating.  I baked a super healthy cake and it tasted really good.  We iced it with chocolate peanut butter.  This was a healthier alternative to icing and it really added something to the cake.

This cake turned out exactly how she wanted!  She was able to share it with a few cousins and friends at our traditional Chuck E Cheese gathering.

We celebrated with her friends the next day at an indoor playground.  We opted to serve fruit, muffins and simple gingerbread men.  To decorate them each child was given an individual pack of chocolate peanut butter or almond butter and raisins or SunDrops, a healthier version of m&m’s.  The children loved this activity.

Instead of gifts we  chose to have an ornament exchange.  This was such a big hit!  We have always had a book exchange at her parties as an answer to her not getting too many gifts right before Christmas.  We all enjoyed the new twist.  We passed the ornaments each time we sang jingle in the song Jingle Bells.  I love that each child leaves with something as well and not a bunch of plastic things or candy in a goody bag.

She chose to have hummus, lentils, sprouts and pita pockets for her dinner!  What a good dinner it was.

Her main gift from us was this balance bike from Kazam.  We did a lot of research and this one won out.  She loves it and has wanted to ride non stop!  I love that this is such good quality that Max will be able to use it in a few years.

Happy Birthday my love!  Oh, how you melt my heart!