We have had many different Advent calendars throughout the years.  Paper chains with daily activities to do, numbered ornaments to count down the days, etc.

This year the children painted a long sheet of paper with christmas colors.  While they were asleep I wrapped up different books I checked out from the library along with different activities to try.  In this fast paced month of parties and celebrations, It is my hope that slowing down to savor a book or a well loved seasonal craft, will help to ground us and bring us closer as we prepare for a very special day.

The numbers are labeled with either a sun or a moon.  That tells the children when the package should be opened.

A few activities include:
Put up our tree
Take a night walk to look at lights
Popcorn and movie night
Go shopping for our local food bank
String cranberries and popcorn

I hope this month is magical for your family, however you chose to celebrate.