I hope everyone has a fun-filled day full of treats, not tricks!

Our family opted to be pirates this year(minus the princess boots and hats and gloves)!  Super easy to make with thrift store finds.  This is the best picture I could get of all three of them together!

I made up these cute jack o’ lantern raisin boxes for the preschool friends.  They were a big hit.

Max was delighted with the texture of pumpkin guts!

We tried this new way of “carving” pumpkins.  You just use cookie cutters to punch out your shape.  Mine did not do so well.  Every time I hit the cookie cutters with a hammer my pumpkin split… Then I went back and read, I was supposed to have used a mallet!  I do love how it turned out though.

A fun art project we made one day was haunted houses.  Ethan really got into this.

One morning the kids were starting to get antsy with one another, so I printed off simple Halloween themed coloring pages.  As an art teacher I am usually against these types of projects because they leave little room for imagination.
Boy was I wrong this time.  My kids could not get enough!  They asked me for multiple pages and colored for more than an hour!

Max’s Godparents sent him this sweet little hat!  Too bad he had junk on his nose!

We are allowing our kiddos to eat as much candy as they want tonight and a few pieces a day until Friday when a new to us tradition will start.  The Switch Witch is going to visit and once the kids leave her all of their leftover candy she will leave a book or a small toy in its place.  I am not one to get too much into deception, but the kids went crazy for this.  When it comes to getting rid of candy, a little deception just may be ok…