Happy eighth birthday Ethan!  This number did not hit me as hard as the earlier years do.  I guess I am use to my first-born growing up each year!
As it seems to be the case with past birthdays, we have had many celebrations around here.  A family party, a simple dinner party with family friends, his real birthday celebration and a fun kid party.

Ethan requested omelets and homemade muffins for breakfast.

He also asked that I make him a pair of jammie pants.  How could I say no!  These proved to be very simple to make.

Super unhealthy lunch planned by Madeline.  This was a last-minute surprise, look at his face!  My mom helped pull this off.

Then we were off to play with friends at Chuck E Cheese.

For dinner he picked a local pizza place that sells above average pizzas.  Max was not in the best mood.  After ordering, we decided to take our dinner home.  This was a fantastic end to a great birthday.  We put on candles, blasted Ethan’s new favorite musician, Tom Petty and enjoyed a stress free dinner.

We love you sweet Ethan.  May 8 be the best year  yet!