Whew, August is already upon us.  July brought good summer fun, a quick camping trip, picnics, no air conditioning for three weeks and a garage sale. 
Goodbye July.  With it being such a hot month, we may not miss you!

Ethan took his first  mountain biking trip .  He did really well and enjoyed himself.

Giving each other mini facials!!  French vanilla yogurt and cucumbers.

My babe is growing up.  He is no longer satisfied with “baby” toys.  This was a bus we gave Ethan and then Madeline for their first birthdays.  Max could not wait any longer!

 When our a/c went out, John bought a window unit.  To escape the heat, we moved the kids into our bedroom .  We had 3 weeks worth of camp outs, toys and books galore!

We were invited on a last minute camp out by friends of ours.  We planned on staying two nights.  However, Max was up crying half the night, and with more rainfall coming in, we lasted just one night.  We all agreed the drive was worth it though.   
Madeline started everyone off on an all day fairy house building project.  What an amazing house they created. 

We ended the month with a garage sale to benefit my at home preschool.  Ethan and his friends decided to have a lemonade stand.  I felt bad for them though because they only thought of the idea around 3:00.  They did not seem to mind the lack of customers.  Kids always seem to make lemonade out of lemons!!

I hope to slow down just a bit more and savor what is left of our summer break.