The last few days have found us having many scavenger hunts in our backyard.  I did a quick piece on our local news about how to get kids outdoors and ever since then the kids have been enthralled with having hunts.

This is so fun and easy to create.  All I did was make clever clues and hid them in order around the yard.  Once at each spot the kids have to interact with nature some how.  Ex: “Look up high where birds build a nest.”(clue hidden in a tree)  “Before you move on to the next clue look for two birds.”

The kids were so excited each time they figured out a clue.  The treasure can be anything.  I prefer to hide natural items such as shells or interesting rocks.

We also played a nature matching game.  The kids were given color samples from a hardware store and asked to find a certain number of items from nature that matched the samples. 

I was very pleased by the result of this simple game.  The kids stayed outside for a very long time and really had a good time. 

Being outdoors is so important to children and adults alike.  Being outdoors really gives kids a chance to explore their world and to find a place that they can call their own.  My favorite blog, Let The Children Play has so many great ideas to try once you are outside.

I hope you are inspired to get outdoors!