We recently took our family vacation to Colorado.  We visited Colorado Springs, Denver and ended with a night in one of our favorite places Taos and Red river, New Mexico.  We had such a good time and the kids were so grateful and appreciative of all that we were able to do.
We stopped off at a national forest and played in a lovely little spring on our way to Bishop’s Castle.

We enjoyed this quirky little castle made solely by one man.

We made our way to Garden of the Gods once in Colorado Springs.

We visited the local zoo and fed lettuce to the giraffes!

We were treated to a tap show, puppet show, and lots of play at the Denver Children’s museum. 

Lola loved playing dog vet and pretending to groom this dog!

After a long day of play we headed over to the Butterfly Pavilion.  Ethan was able to hold a tarantula!

We all enjoyed looking at the butterflies.  Max kept calling them birds, his new word on this trip.

Photo taken by Ethan

We visited the Denver Art Museum.  This museum is such a family friendly place to visit.  They have activities for children all throughout the museum, eye spy games, art projects to make and a kids only area with blocks, books and an area to color and climb. 

Here is Lola with a mask she made from a bag we were able to check out at the museum.  They have a neat program where you can check out a bag of art materials and games to play while you are inside!  The bags go along with the different rooms and the styles of art in those rooms.

We then went to Estes Park where we were pleasantly able to hike in snow.  The children enjoyed having a snowball fight!

On our way to New Mexico we stopped at the Great Sand Dunes.  What an amazing thing to see.  The wind was blowing sand pretty hard and it was very hard to walk in so we did not stay longer than two hours, but it was worth it just to stare in amazement at the sand. 

We finished with a quick hike at Red River before our long drive home.

Whew, what a packed vacation it was!  We enjoyed all the nature experiences, and the fun things we were able to do.  We can not wait to get back to the mountains.