I have been gone from this space longer than I intended. 
I have been busy with a new adventure.  I am getting ready to open up an in-home preschool!!  More about that later. 

May sure did go by quickly.

There was a trip to the zoo

A teddy bear picnic with friends

The making of a music wall

The first of many to come, family movie nights watched from a tent

A real campout in a real tent.  Just Ethan and John.

Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day

There was lots of love to go around on Mother’s Day!

May brought us all outdoors just a tad bit more

Lots of bike rides

The start of a garden

Lots of baby love

A new haircut and dressing appropriately for the last day of schoolAnd, the opening of a family favorite, a local splash pad.

We are looking forward to a busy summer with more days filled with fun.