Whew, we have been busy.  As I am sure you and your family have been equally busy.  It never seems to fail that the holidays are full of activity, but then the post holiday time seems to be just as busy as we all try to get back into some kind of rhythm.
This post will show a few photos from each event or activity we have done (hint, many, many photos). 

I am going to revamp this spot.  Monday will still be a simple photo, Wednesday will be a family update and Friday or Saturday will be a fantastic art project to get you through the weekend! 

Here it goes, our life from christmas until now:

Christmas Eve

My mom spent hours on quiet books for Max and Madeline.  The books are well loved.

Her own style.  Yes, she went out with me to Old Navy like this!  She turned heads and caused huge smiles!

These sweet boys of mine, snuggling.

Passing down one of my childhood traditions.

Feeding lots and lots of ducks!

Painting for a local art show.  He titled this, Tic Tac Toe.

How cute is this cheeky babe of mine?

Madeline hanging her painting at the museum. 

Wire art, making mobiles for Max’s room.  This was so relaxing.

Lots of bike rides

We were asked to play the role of the Christ Family at our church’s epiphany pageant.  How special this was for us.  Max even fell asleep just in time for the song Silent Night. I will treasure this moment.

Wow, what a hoot!  Someone recently asked if she was a fashion artist!  That is an understatment.

One of our favorite winter activities, an inside “snowball” fight with cotton balls! 

Well, that was certainly not all, but I will stop there for fear that I will bore you too much!  Of course we played and played with our new favorite toys and have been enjoying getting outdoors in our beautiful, not so winter weather.