My handmade gift to Madeline this year is a few pieces of felt food to add to her kitchen.  I found all of the tutorials over at
I still have two bananas and a whole bunch of popcorn to make!  I am sure she will love this gift, as she loves to “cook.”

That is peanut butter to go with the jelly.

The kids enjoyed making a few cloth chew toys for Max.

Ethan is really getting into sewing and asked if  I could teach him how to use the machine, not just the pedal!  He even wants to hand sew a few softies.  I am so glad he is excited to learn.

I love making things for and with the kids to give as gifts.  This year has been a bit more exciting, as the kids are really getting into making just the right presents for each other.
I love all the hiding that has been going on and the hushed voices as they try to make their projects without the other one noticing!