I finally feel like we are settling into our new home and new life as a family of five.  The last of the curtains are being hung up and the artwork is going on the walls! 

In an attempt to get our family back into some kind of rhythm, I have created a simple chart.   Since Ethan is in school this year, I wanted a way to connect with him when he gets home.  Now of course, we are very flexible, but  all children benefit by having  a normal rhythm. 
By having planned activities every afternoon, I hope to deepen our bonds with each other.  
A quick example of our days include: Monday baking day, Wednesday playground day and Friday art day.

This last week was our first week to try it out and things could not have went any smoother.  The children were excited and engaged with the activities and it helped me to re-connect with Ethan after a long day.  
Friday, I set up a still life of pumpkins and gourds.  We all sat down and drew the objects.  I had many different mediums set out for everyone to work with.

I love setting up objects to draw.  It really helps slow us down. 
I have always heard that when your kids are making art, reading or writing that you should do those things right along with them.  I am really good about doing that. 

However, when we are working on a still life drawing, Ethan always tends to get discouraged by my art.  He always says “Yours is better than mine”, etc.  I explain that it does not matter whose looks the best, it is about the process…  And that with practice he will get to where he wants to be, etc.  I do feel bad though, like maybe I should not be drawing along with them. 

 I wonder, how do you deal with this?