We are really loving our new backyard.  We actually have trees, birds and squirrels, what a treat!
I recently read a wonderful  post found over at Let the children play.  The post shared ideas to take regular play outdoors.  Now, I know that sounds like a no brainer, but for us, we have never really played with anything other than bubbles, chalk and other “normal” outdoor toys. 
Having this new backyard to play in, I was inspired to create a doctor’s clinic.  Madeline really loves playing doctor and she was thrilled with this.

So many patients, all lined up!

 I brought out face crayons and the kids drew scars and poor Madeline even caught the chicken pox!

What fun.  We have played this several times since last week.  We have even had sick little stick-babies.  I am loving all of this creative play.