I can not belive my first baby is seven!  What a wonderful seven years it has been.  Ethan is such a sweet, sweet boy.  He is such a good friend and an even better big brother.  I love him so.   

The table was set with his crown, baby photo album, a new shirt, and a special breakfast.  Also, I ordered a candle holder with a moon and a number seven.  I found this at Novanautral.com
What a happy child!  I love how his eyes just glow.
I made this shirt for him using the freezer paper stencil technique.  On the back there is a number seven.  He loved it the minute he saw it.
Of course, there was a small family party at Chuck E. Cheese!  A birthday tradition.

 How could we celebrate without strawberry cupcakes, his favorite!
Saturday he will have a party with his friends at our house.  He has chosen to have a movie party.  We will be serving a child’s dream, candy and popcorn! 

Happy birthday my sweet boy.  I hope you have a magical year.