He is here, little Maxwell Aris.  He arrived September 1st at 8:44 am.  I was able to have a natural, non medicated birth as I had hoped.  Oh, how sweet this little guy is.  He is a dream baby, sleeping every 2-3 hours between feedings.  Which is a  rare thing for a baby of ours!
I had a nice labor.  My doula was worth every penny.  She helped me stay calm and relaxed at times when I thought I couldn’t.  John was a big help as well.  He has a simple way of praising and encouraging me that is reassuring.  Once my water broke, I gave birth within 20 minutes.  What joy to see my beautiful baby boy after all these months.  I am in love, we all are! 

Headed to the hospital, 3:45 am

Proud brother
Proud big sister

Here he is one week old!