What a whirlwind we have been in during the last two and a half weeks!  We found out the day our house was going off the market that we had a buyer!!  I was excited and very sad at the same time.  After all,  my due date was just a few weeks away (at the time).  I felt sad that we were leaving our home that has been so loving to us.  I was nervous wondering where we would be during my labor, etc.  After looking at five homes with no luck, we found our dream home!!  We will have big trees and four bedrooms, plus lots of character and a beautiful neighborhood to walk through.  We move this Friday and our baby is due next Wednesday!!! 

So I will not be blogging for a short while.  Check back at the end of September.  I will most definitely have lots of  baby goodness to share!
P.S. I forgot how much fun boxes can be for kids.  What imaginative things they have been creating!!