I can not believe we made it through a whole year of school!  What an amazing year we had.  Ethan is such a dream student.  He is so creative, thoughtful and smart!  I remember being so nervous and worried the first day of school.  I was wondering if we had made the right decision to homeschool.  About an hour into the day, I knew the choice was right and never looked back! 
We have decided to send Ethan to first grade at an amazing little school within a school.  The program seems a lot like a homeschool environment, only with a lot more kiddos.  I will miss him terribly, but I think this is the best thing since the new baby will be here any day.  I did not want Ethan to turn into a lump while I nap the day away!

Here they are on the first day of school

and here they are of the last day of school.  My, have they grown!  Just look at their head placement on the map!

We ended our school year with a fun week of games, outings and art.
We feed the ducks, two days in a row!
We took a day trip to a near by science museum with Grammy,
we rode go carts with Daddy,
and the kids made life-sized self portraits, just like they did on the first day of school.

Oh, my sweet E. I will miss you.  I truly had a wonderful time being your teacher.  I wish you the best as you start First grade!  I know you will do amazing!