What a fun dinner we had the other night.  Lemonade and ice cream sandwiches, that is!  I saw these sandwiches on The Crafty Crow not too long ago and I instantly went out and bought the needed ingredients!

To make: buy any cake mix, add only 2/3 cup oil and 2 eggs, mix and drop onto an ungreased pan.  Cook for 10 minutes at 350, then when the cookies are cool add ice cream, dip edges in Butterfinger crumbs and freeze!  They suggested wrapping in Saran wrap before freezing.  I did not have any on hand and some of our ice cream did not stay between the cookies, oops!

Okay, so I also served carrots, broccoli and grapes.  I just could not let myself serve only junk food!!

We will definitely have a dinner like this again soon!  After all, what is the  summer for?