We have not had a family art time in a while.  Well, yesterday I decided it was about time!  I set out a vase of flowers, pencils, crayons, paint, colored pencils and collage paper.  There were no real rules, just that everyone would create art and would try to be quiet so that everyone could concentrate.  We quickly adopted the rule that, no one could say anything bad about their own art! 
Ethan drew for about 15 minutes before deciding he was finished. While  John and I ended up creating our pictures for over an hour!

Madeline has her own style of making art!

Ethan’s finished painting

My finished painting.  Since we adopted the “no dissing your art rule”, I guess I can not say what I do not like about this!!
John’s finished painting

How peaceful and relaxing this was.  We all agreed we will be revisiting this activity really soon!