We recently checked out a fun book at the library called, Playing with Stuff, Outrageous Games with Ordinary Objects.  Inside the book are all types of interesting games that I have never even heard of! 
We decided to try out a game called, Robber Roundup.  The object is to get from one side of the room, that is covered in toilet paper, to the other side without tearing the paper.  Once at the other side, you are supposed to turn off the “alarm”, (cd player).  The toilet paper is supposed to represent lasers.

Oh, what fun they had playing this game!  After about 20 minutes, the paper started to rip up.  Which quickly turned into a game of throwing the paper all over, twirling with strips of paper and eventually, freeze dance!!

We reused as much of the paper that we could!  I think your kids would love to try this game.