We recently went to Fort Worth to visit my Grandmother.  While there, we decided to go to Fossil Rim.  Fossil Rim is a place where you can take a scenic drive and observe exotic and endangered animals.  You also get the chance to feed and touch many of them.   

The kids really enjoyed feeding the deer and other various animals. 

Feeding the zebras before I yelled “STOP!”  I remembered that at the entrance there was a sign that said, “Do not feed the zebras, they will bite!!”


We all really wanted to feed the giraffes.  Once it was our turn to visit with them, they decided to go eat a bit of hay.  After about five minutes of calling to them,  it started to rain.  All of the sudden they were all coming towards us, or so we thought.  They were trying to get under the trees!  In doing so, they had to go right past our car.  At first we got a little scared, they are huge and we thought maybe they would stampede and get our car!!  What excitement it was to see a full-grown giraffe’s chest at our window!

An other exciting moment was when an ostrich got a little too curious and peeked his whole neck in our car!!  What an amazing time we all had.  I would highly recommend this trip.