Ah, I am feeling a bit down.  I have sooo many wonderful ideas and plans and I am just not able to accomplish them all.  Imagine that!  I just feel as if I am somehow failing my children, even though I know that is so ridiculous.  My every waking moment is spent  devoted to them and devoted to doing creative things with them.  I just feel like I need to be doing so much more.
So here is a list of all the things I really want to do or do more of with my family: 

Build a more natural play space for my children in our odd backyard.  I really want to build a bean tee pee.

Have family reading night were we all gather to read aloud from the same book(we started this, but it somehow always ends up just Ethan and I finishing the books).

Get out in nature more.  We walk, go to the park and occasionally go hiking(twice last week, yes!), but I want more days spent out hiking and just being fully surrounded by nature with no time restraints and places to be.

More creative play at home. I am so good about spending time in each child’s room, but it often doesn’t feel like enough.  I want my kids to have the happiest most creative childhood ever.  We need more tea parties, picnics, painting, dress up, etc

I want to dye their plain white play silkies with kool aid and actually play with them!!

Have more date nights or quality time, play games, discuss poetry or books, write  silly little  notes back and forth, etc. with my sweet husband

My list goes on and on.  I am a part-time art teacher(8 hours a week), I guess I am just itching for more free days now that school is almost over.  However, there just never seems to be enough time to get it all done.  
What are some things on your to do list?