We love homemade play dough around here!  What a great texture, so soft and pliable.  Except our koolade play dough that we often make was a bit rough and hard today.  No matter, the kids played for over 40 minutes and made great things.  We had alien creatures taking over the world, animals, snakes (complete with a real snake charmer) and even pretend food.  I just love how children have the ability to think up so many wonderful things. 

After lunch, I decided to introduce crazy mixed image art to the kids.  For this, all you need to do is cut out images from a magazine and mix them up.  For example: paste a dog’s head onto and humans body!  We had an absolute blast  making  funny characters.

I was actually surprised by how many funny pictures Ethan made.  He created for quite a long time.  I think we will turn these into a silly book. 

I hope you can try to create a few funny pictures of your own!