Well, our sweet Madeline just spent 4 days in icu and 2 days in a regular room.  We are home now and though we all feel exhausted, we are so happy to be back.  Madeline ended up getting pneumonia.  With that, her heart was beating way too fast and her oxygen levels were very low.  Her doctor stated several times that this was life threatening.  We are so thankful she was able to recover and we were able to leave the hospital with our beautiful baby girl. 

Since we are all so tired, but not quite ready to just veg all day(like we did yesterday), we needed a simple and quick craft to lift our spirits.  We made these super cute and easy sock bunnies found here http://familyfun.go.com/easter/easter-bunny-crafts-recipes-printables/sock-hop-841022/.  Of course, theirs is much cuter!  We used what we had on hand.