My kids have been so sweet to each other lately.  Madeline is getting a little older and I think that has helped. Ethan loves to read now and I often find him reading to his sister.
One night I was busy doing my nightly chores when I heard Ethan singing the Abc’s to Madeline and telling her to open wide.  I knew this only meant one thing, he was helping her brush her teeth!!  What a big helper!

This girl of mine has her own style!!  She actually started having an opinion about what she wears pretty early on.  All I can do is laugh and say yes, well most of the time.  

A first haircut and much-needed at that!

A very sick baby:(

And finally, my big helper once again helping out at night.  This time he helped Madeline get her jammies on.  The funny thing is, is that he dressed her in his jammies.  They thought this was the funniest thing ever.