I can cook pretty decent, I haven’t however done a whole lot of baking.  Until recently.  I love baking soft pretzels and homemade muffins.  I am just such a slow prep person!  I like everything to be chopped just so and arranged in the pan perfectly!!  However, I was able to whip these two dishes up pretty quickly.
They both did not taste as good as I had hoped.  The potpie is a super healthier version of the real thing only adding up to 180 calories per ramkin, the cobbler I have no idea!!!  I found the potpie recipe in this month’s issue of Parent’s magazine.  I made the veggie version and added potatoes and broccoli.  It called for phyllo sheets for the topping, next time I am going to stick to puff pastry to get that great potpie crust taste.

I felt like the cobbler was a waste of perfectly good, crisp, healthy apples.  My great-grandmother who requested the cobbler thought it was the best thing she had tasted in a while.  That made it all worth it.

Here’s to happy baking.