Today, we visited our local science museum and we had a blast!  I am so mad that I did not bring my camera.  I am trying not to bring it along as much and what do I get for that?  A ton of would be hilarious photos not caught on camera!  Oh well, we will visit again real soon and I will get that shot.
They had some amazing exhibits about time.  We watched and recorded real popcorn kernels pop.  Then we replayed the video in slow time.  It was fascinating.
The funniest exhibit had us rolling in laughter.  Ethan and I almost wet our pants, it was that funny.  Seriously, they needed a sign that said “please use the restroom before trying this out.”   We recorded ourselves sticking our tongues out and blowing, and slapping our face.  Then we watched it back in slow time and it was hilarious!!!  we stayed at this center way too long!  I am so glad there were not many people so we could really let loose!! 

Here’s to uncontrollable laughter, however you may achieve that.