Well, I said I would write about what has kept Madeline busy these days.  The big secret is, water play!  Why have I not ever thought about this before, for my little one who loves to pour and make messes.  All I do is add bubbles, dishes and a few toys to the sink and she can play for a good 30 minutes at a time!  She loves it.

We have had our fair share of snow around here.  We have loved most of it!  With the typical snowy weather traditions done, we were left to play knights a few weeks ago.  We started the morning off by building a castle with our Cranium Fort.  Then we made cardboard shields, jousted and had sword fights the entire day!  Ethan really got into this!  This went along with our study of knights and really helped to bring the lessons to life. 

And cake.  Madeline said goodbye to nursie two weeks ago and her reward was to make a cake.  She also chose to play at Chuck E Cheese (we just went on Friday and had a blast)!  The process of saying goodbye was fairly easy for her during the day, however, her 3am feeding was a bit hard.  I felt so sad for her, but also wanted a few months off before the new baby arrives!  She is doing wonderful now and has never asked again.  She does talk about the new baby getting nursie though.  She says it with a giggle, I hope her upbeat tune lasts!