Well, our house is officially on the market.  I couldn’t help but tear up as I watched the “For Sale”  sign being put into our yard.  I am so grateful for this house, I really do love my house.  I am just longing for a big backyard with full-grown trees…  I hope we are happy with whatever house we decide to buy in the future.  It has been really nice owning a new home, no major problems to fix, a garage to keep our cars warm in the winter,  the appearance of being clean and so much more.  I just hope our new house will not need a ton of work!!
I know though, that no matter where we live,  it is the people inside a house that truly make it a home.  And that is something we are good at. 

I promise to write soon about our super amazing “knight day”.  We had a blast pretending to sword fight and joust.  I will also write about what has kept my little Lola bird entertained for hours. 

Wishing you a peaceful night, wherever you may call home.