We love family fun night around here.  We had been going strong, for the last three years.  However, things sometimes get in the way and lately they have been sparse.  To get us back on track, we created a family fun jar.  We each thought of different things we would like to do and we wrote them down and put them in a jar.  Each week the kids will draw one slip of paper and we will do that activity.

Yesterday was our first time to try out the jar.  Oh, how much fun we had pretending to be at a drive in movie.  We had popcorn and each one of us picked out one treat from the store.  The kids sat in cardboard boxes (cars) and enjoyed a movie that we already owned.  It was a lot of fun and super cheap.

Here are a few things in our jar:
Play charades
Puzzle night
Make soft pretzels
Make nachos
Family bake night
Put on a play
Puppet show
Play time traveler, one person goes in a closet and when they come out, they are in a new world
Restaurant night at home, create a theme and food to go with the theme
Go to the zoo, also on a cold day make a zoo at home with animals and toy friends

As you can image the list goes on and on!!