With the start of my toddler and preschool art classes starting back up, I needed a new twist on making snowmen.  I discovered the coolest thing, shaving cream mixed with glue!!  When this mixture dries it is puffy but not flaky.  With this discovery, we made the cutest little snowmen.  Ethan’s is pictured above.  Madeline’s looked more like a melted  snowman!  The kids all had a blast making these and they all turned out adorable.  To go with the winter theme, we had a “snowball” fight (cotton balls) that all the children loved.
For a winter day in your area whip up a batch of one part shaving cream to two parts glue and make a lasting snowman!  The thicker you apply this to the paper the better.

I have been extremely exhausted lately.  I felt a bit more like myself yesterday, each kid got 20 minutes of my undivided attention in  their room, we went to a Kindermusik party, the library and even the park for 30 mins.  I eventually crashed and took a two-hour nap right along with Madeline!