I do apologize for my absence.  We found out some big news, we are having our third child!  Wow, we are very excited and busy with preparations for the new little one.  To buy a new house(I would love a bigger back yard), or stay where we are and convert the office into a fourth bedroom.  Decisions, decisions! 
To surprise the kids, I made them big sibling shirts using freezer paper stencils.  I am in awe with this new technique and can not wait to try this again, very soon.

To make a shirt like this:  Buy freezer paper, pick a design(I printed the letters off onto copy paper) and traced them, use an exacto knife to cut out design, iron on the stencil shiny paper side down, and paint over stencil using fabric paint.  Once the paint is dry, peel the paper off and you have a new shirt!!

The kids are really excited and proud of their new shirts.