I wish you all a very peaceful and happy 2010.  As we awoke with more snow, I paused to watch the white flakes slowly blanket the earth.  This helped me realize yet again, that life really is about taking it slow.  Slowing down to notice all that life has to offer and really diving deep into those offerings.  I am reminded of another year that has flown by, my children getting just a wee bit bigger, my family and all the little things we do for each other to show how much we really care, our simple traditions, and how much I truly love my family. 
Oh, what a good year it has been.   A year full of wonderful memories. 

I am not really one for making a New Year’s Resolution, however, I have thought of a few things I need to work on. I would like to be more mindful of my needs and the needs of others.
My needs: go to bed earlier, eat even healthier, exercise even more, take time for myself…
Others: what do they need at that moment, be gentle, be compassionate, be kind…

I am sure the list could go on and on, but who really wants to read a whole book!  Check out Soulemama’s way of preserving little bits of the year(we will be doing this)!

Happy New Year